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Disinfection and Sanitizing

disinfection and sanitizing

At Vanquish Pest Control, we know that keeping your home and business disinfected and sanitized and free of viruses and pathogens is a top priority, especially in light of COVID-19. Our disinfecting and sanitizing services are tailored towards your personal and commercial needs. Our services include everything from precautionary and preventative COVID-19 cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing to high level services needed when a COVID-19 case is confirmed or suspected. No matter what your needs are, we are here to help!

Our services target high traffic zones and touch areas, such as light switches, handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, restrooms, and shared electronic equipment (e.g. cash registers). All of our products are of the highest quality, wide reaching and approved by Health Canada and the EPA. Our dispersal system utilizes micro-droplets, making it possible to reach every crack and crevice in your home or business. Not only do our products kill 99.999% of pathogens within seconds, they eradicate viruses, bacteria and yeast. In addition, our products are 100% safe for humans and pets. That means you don’t have to worry about vacating your commercial or residential property for any length of time and food prep areas are useable after only one hour. After our team of professionals have cleaned, disinfected and sanitized, you’ll hardly know we were even there. Our products do not leave any residue, scum or cloudy film on surfaces.

Our team is fully trained and prepared to assist customers with all their cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing needs. Trust us at Vanquish Pest Control to take care of all your COVID-19 disinfection and sanitization needs.

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