Top 3 Pests Expected This Winter In Canada

Do you know what are the top 3 pests expected this winter?

With winter weather around the corner, Canadians will start heading indoors to escape the cold. Similarly, pests also look to seek refuge indoors for food and water due to cold weather.

In order to prevent a potential pest infestation from occurring on your property throughout the winter, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top 3 pests expected to trend in the winter of 2024. In today’s post, Vanquish Pest Control will be looking at top 3 pests that home and business owners should be on the lookout for during Winter 2024. If you suspect any of these pests are on your property, contact us today and we will give you the professional pest control help you need.

What Are The Reason For Potentially Increase Pest Activity In The Winter Of 2024?

Going into the 2024 winter time, the growth in pest populations that survived throughout the previous winter and experienced robust growth in spring and summer time may result in high number of pests starting to look for shelter to escape the cold weather. This may result in a potential increase in pest sightings throughout the winter season.