What is Professional Bed Bugs Extermination Process

Controlling pests and bugs around your house and office space can be tricky and a hectic job to do. Along with mess they become a source of various diseases, allergies and infections which can be really harmful, especially for kids.

Pests and bugs tend to increase in moist and dirty environment, so keeping your space dry and clean is necessary, as we all know that beds are not often cleaned properly, we only tend to change mattress sheets once in a while, therefore the bed becomes a home for bed bugs due to lack of detailed cleaning.

Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs may lead to body rashes, itching and hives. Bedbugs can also hide in walls, old furniture, sofa’s etc, so do a detailed inspection before starting an extermination process. They are multiple of following ways in which you can secure your bed from becoming a home to bugs.

Go for a detailed bugs inspectibedbugson:

    1. Find out areas which are affected by bugs or pests. Search thoroughly your walls, old furniture, cabinets, sofa’s and beds. Make sure to use gloves and face masks while looking to secure yourself from any allergies, old dusts and pests, as they can cause itching, red bumps and can lead to any serious disease

Clean affected areas:

To clean all the areas affected by pests and bugs follow steps that are mentioned below

  1. Cover your hands and face with gloves and masks
  2. Remove old sheets from affected areas, don not wash them immediately; rather keep them in open air for an hour or two under sun (if possible)
  3. Remove mattress or any sort of foam, keep them out in fresh air under sun (if possible) for an hour or two. (this way the old dust or pests will not survive
  4. Use a clean and dry cloth to remove any dust or pest from the mattress or furniture
  5. After cleaning from a dry cloth use sprays (insecticide) to clean and remove any bugs
  6. After an hour throw some powder or baits before covering beds and furniture with mattress, foam or any sheet.
  7. Keep your house dry and moist free, try to perform above mentioned steps at least twice a year.

If you still find it hard to get rid of pests or bed bugs, then call bed bugs extermination experts. Vanquish pest control is just a call away. You can book our bed bugs extermination services through a call at (647) 403-0456 or by an email at service@vanquishpestcontrol.com.

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Once Vanquish pest control has evaluated your bed bug infestation’s extent and severity, we will create a custom extermination plan based on your requirements.