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Bed Bugs Extermination Services

Are you looking for Bed Bugs Extermination Services in Brampton or anywhere in the GTHA?

Have you been suffering from hives, rashes and itching as of late? If so, you may be experiencing a bed bug infestation. We urge clients to call our team as soon as they have any suspicions of bed bugs in their property. They can reproduce quickly, causing the extermination process to be challenging. Bed bugs are known to hide in the walls, outlets, furniture, mattresses, linens and more, which is why it is crucial to hire professional exterminators who understand how to eliminate these invasive insects effectively. With Vanquish Pest Control, you can rely on:

  • A detailed inspection
  • Bed bug extermination services
  • Advice on monitoring and preventing further issues with bed bugs

Once we have evaluated your bed bug infestation’s extent and severity, we will create a custom extermination plan based on your requirements.

Bed Bugs Extermination Services

Chemical Treatment:

This conventional chemical treatment is the most economical but effective way of bed bug extermination. Spray mix is applied on the bed frame, baseboards, window and door frames etc. This spray mix has a long-term residual effect. Once dry, it is completely safe for humans and pets. However, the residual factor keeps on working to ensure your premises are bed bug safe.

Fogging is done in the second stage; this is achieved by using state of the art equipment. The small aerosol droplet size of about 5 to 6 micron penetrates all cracks and crevices where the bed bugs live and breed. Pests are instantly killed upon contact with this aerosol.

Silica dust is applied using a power duster as final part of the treatment. This dust is applied in electric outlets and other cracks or crevices. Bed bugs cannot survive once they crawl over this dust.

Aprehend®: A Natural Biopesticide for the Elimination and Prevention of Bed Bugs

Aprehend® is a professional grade product available to licensed pest control operators for Bed Bugs Extermination Services.

Aprehend is a unique form of treatment for bed bugs, this consists of applying fungal spores. This form of treatment is slightly more expensive than the chemical treatment.

Extensive laboratory studies have demonstrated that when bed bugs cross a treated surface, they pick up and carry fungal spores back to the harborage or nesting area.

Aprehend® doesn’t kill immediately. This is intentional and strategic. We want every bed bug to come into contact with the fungal spores first. Only then does the population become infected and die.

If you are looking to kill bed bugs and ways to treat bed bugs effectively, look no further than Vanquish Pest Control. Call and book with us bed bugs extermination services using Aprehend®. The spray residue remains effective for up to three months.

For more information, watch the video on YouTube – “How to exterminate bed bugs using Aprehend®?”

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Bed Bugs

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