Rats and Mice Control In Brampton

Rats and Mice Control In Brampton

Health Risk

Are you looking for a professional rats and mice control company in Brampton?

If yes, Vanquish Pest Control is right here to serve you. Vanquish Pest Control is a top-rated and premier pest control company for rats and mice control in Brampton and throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas (GTHA).

We are rated among the three best pest control in Brampton, ON.

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Rats and mice are found all over the world. As they are carriers of several deadly disease, their infestation is considered a threat. If your home or office has been invaded by these unwanted critters, there is need to get them removed as soon as possible.

For effective and long-term rats/mice control in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Toronto and all over the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas (GTHA), you can trust our team of licensed pest exterminators. Rodent infestation can soon become a serious health hazard, especially if not addressed in a timely manner. Moreover, they can cause extensive damages to a property and belongings by chewing the electrical wires, plumbing fixtures and harming the foundation.

What Are The Signs Of Rats and Mice Infestation?

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Alike other pests, rats and mice are mostly found in the attics, yards, & garages. They usually prefer invading a residential premise as they can easily find food, water and shelter there. If you notice any of the below signs in your home or office, call professional and experienced rats/mice exterminators in Brampton for an inspection, like Vanquish Pest Control.

  • Brown capsule shaped feces
  • Chewed fixtures & wires
  • Rat carcasses & odor
  • Unusual noise from the attic
  • Deep holes or burrows in yard
  • Weird marks on walls & floors

Rats and Mice Extermination Brampton

Mice Extermination Brampton

Our Brampton clients rave about our ability to take care of their rats/mice control issues, since 90% of them have tried to rid the problem themselves and have failed. Our technicians have decades of experience in exterminating rats and mice. We are so confident in our abilities to take care of your rodent control problems, so all of our services are backed by 6 months guarantee. If rats/mice return within the guarantee period, we provide second treatment without any additional charges. Our services are prompt and reliable, therefore we offer local rats and mice control in Brampton and throughout (GTHA) at an affordable price.

Our Brampton Bed Bugs, Cockroaches & Mice Extermination | Experts Get The Job Done

Bed Bugs Infestation

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When you read testimonials online for Vanquish Pest Control you will see all the great things our customers are saying about our hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction. When it comes to bed bugs infestations, cockroach infestations, and mice infestations, Vanquish Pest Control is the trusted name in Brampton Ontario for 100% guaranteed extermination. Although we offer an exhaustive list of pest control services, our main areas of expertise include Bed Bugs Extermination, Cockroach Extermination & Rats/Mice Extermination in Brampton.

Remember, we provide free estimate and consultation, so if your Brampton home or business has been invaded by bed bugs, cockroaches or any other pests and you need immediate service call us anytime.

With bed bugs and cockroach infestations on the rise in Brampton ON, Vanquish Pest Control works extra hard to provide residents of Brampton with immediate and effective bed bugs and cockroach extermination services around the clock.

Fully Licensed Pest Control Company In Brampton

Mice Control in Brampton

Our professional rats and mice exterminators know what to search for when they conduct rats and mice control inspection, they have in their possession the tools and know-how to find mice entry-points and to deal with any mice problem.

Rodenticides are used to perform chemical pest management. Based on the size of infestation, our exterminators will determine if they need to apply single or multiple doses of anticoagulant rodenticides. These compounds are put in sealed plastic containers to prevent any contamination.

Why do I need to call Vanquish Pest Control Brampton if mice have infested my home?

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If you do not have experience exterminating mice, chances are you will waste countless hours and money trying different DIY methods.

Even if your efforts are effective in killing mice you may not get 100% elimination. Furthermore, you will most likely not know how to find all the mice entry points and before you know it, mice will return with a vengeance.

At Vanquish Pest Control Brampton, all of our exterminators are highly experienced in exterminating mice and other rodents from Brampton homes and businesses. This extensive experience allows us to quickly identify the severity of an infestation and to come up with a customized treatment plan that will safely get rid of all mice from your home or business.

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Our services also covers elimination of other pests like ants, wasps, fleas, spiders, centipedes, silverfish, carpet beetles etc. If you have mice and rat infestation, call Vanquish Pest Control at @647-403-0456 or send an email to service@vanquishpestcontrol.com for a free rats and mice inspection of your premises.

You can also contact us through our website at, www.vanquishpestcontrol.com.

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