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Vanquish Pest Control experts are experts in Spider extermination in Toronto and throughout GTHA. We provide our service to both residential and commercial properties.

Our exterminators, who has through knowledge about different species of spiders which are commonly found in Canada such as ‘Wolf spiders, Cellar spiders, House spider, Fishing spider’ and their life cycle, will devise a long-lasting spider control program to eliminate them from your home and commercial establishment to provide you a serene environment and also be assured that you will also be safeguarded from future invasion.

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At Vanquish Pest Control, we have got you covered. Whether you want to eliminate spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice/rats from your private or commercial property, our skilled professionals will assist you throughout the process. With our years of experience and safe extermination techniques, we can assure you that your property will be pest-free in no time.

There are different kinds of spiders that can infest your property including cellar spiders and house spiders. They are delicate species and don’t bite but are a big nuisance because they reproduce quickly. They lay their eggs all over the house and can infect your food and water, causing allergies. On the other hand, spiders like brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders are dangerous as they are venomous. Their bites cause localized pain, nausea, and fever and some people experience skin necrosis.

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Vanquish Pest Control offers the best pest control services in Toronto that are backed by our 6 months guarantee. We will visit your property free of charge if your pest problems persist as your satisfaction is our number one priority!


Important Facts About Spiders

Common Spiders in Toronto

Spiders have eight walking legs and two body segments (the cephalothorax is the front body section and the abdomen is the second section of the body) connected by a thin waist. Scientifically classified as Arachnida, spiders are different than insects, despite their appearance. Most spiders in a home remain undetected for the most part, existing in cool areas and dark spaces, only becoming active at night. Spiders will only bite if threatened.

Large office buildings or apartment dwellings where lights in large windows attract nocturnal insects for a wide variety of spiders to feed on often report serious spider infestation.

With a plentiful food supply, spiders can multiply quickly. The young of some spider species disperse through the air through a technique called ballooning. While clinging to a wall or other surface, their spinnerets secrete fine silk strands which allow the small spiders to leap through the air when lifted by a slight breeze (sort of like parachuting in reverse).

Spiders reproduce in great numbers along waterways and often cottages, homes and other buildings in close proximity to lakes and rivers experience a heavy infestation of spiders. The allure of various water insects like midges and caddisflies that inhabit these areas provides a plentiful food supply to support many species of spiders.

Brown Spiders

Brown Spider Extermination Toronto

Example: Brown Recluse spider Loxoseceles Recluse
Length: 12 mm
Colour: brown tan colour
Other features: Dark violin-shaped marking on upper body surface

Loxosceles Recluse, also known as the Brown Recluse spider, is a type of brown spider. Usually measuring 12 mm in length, with a brown or tan colour body, it has a distinctive dark violin shaped mark on its upper body.

Although rare in Ontario, the Brown Recluse spider can be spotted nesting underneath furniture and hidden in corners. If disturbed, this spider has a venomous (poisonous) bite resulting in serious wounds which effects can continue for several months and require medical treatment.

Other common spiders found around structures include:

  • Sac Spiders– Chiracanthium mildei, alternately known as the Black-footed spider is greenish or pale yellow in colour and measures around 8 mm in length. Inside buildings, it creates a three-sided shaped web nesting in corners where the wall and ceiling meet. This species is nocturnal and will deliver a severe bite if disturbed. Although non-poisonous, its venom can create an allergic reaction for some people.
  • Funnel Web Spiders– Tegenarai domestica, also known as the funnel web spider, is a hairy, long-legged, sturdy looking spider measuring about 12 mm. It nests in basements and ground level buildings like a garage. Its web is a flat sheet that leads to a shorter tunnel retreat. Although painful, its bite is non-poisonous except to people who may be prone to allergic reactions from spider venom.
  • Jumping Spiders– Salticus scenicus, also known as the tiny Zebra jumping spider, measures only 5 mm. It has short legs and distinctive grey and white body hairs that form stripes. This type of non-poisonous spider does not bite and does not build a web but usually preys on small insects found near window ledges.

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Spider Infestation Services

Spider Infestation Toronto

In some cases, spiders are cute and nice and in others, they can be a big problem — in case you have poisonous spiders, especially in the case of an infestation, the first thing to do is to call professional for emergency help to eliminate the chance of anyone getting hurt.

You should also vacuum the spaces where spiders are most active, and vacuuming frequently (including walls and ceilings) can be a long-term solution but it is not always realistic and you may need to call professionals. You can also try to eliminate the sources of bright natural and artificial light which attracts spiders and provides a food source for them.


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The trick with these natural DIY solutions is that they may work in some cases and in others they won’t so you have to make sure that you are not putting in too much time and money into something that may fail completely. You should always count on experts to eliminate the problem painlessly and quickly.

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Vanquish Pest Control has been offering Spider Extermination in Toronto and throughout GTHA for a long time and worked in a variety of neighborhoods including metro and city areas. We understand how difficult it can get to fight an infestation and will act immediately on receiving your call. Contact us in the morning and we will provide you, prompt service the very same evening.

During the consultation, our exterminator will come to your property, inspecting and developing a prep sheet, dividing the process into multiple sections for you. After explaining the process, our team will bring in the equipment and execute the action plan. In all, it will take anywhere between two hours to two days depending on the extent of the infestation. We will call or visit your property again after a few weeks to ensure that you are spider-free in your home.

With Vanquish Pest Control, you can reverse spider infestation and welcome guests without worrying about spiders running around.

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