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Toronto Pest Control: Winter Pests


Winter Bed Bugs Extermination

With temperatures sliding and snowfall amounts rising, you might think winter is a quiet period for pests in Toronto and throughout the GTHA. While many of us encounter pests such as wasps, mites and more during the summer, the onset of winter can also be a big problem for keeping pests under control.

In fact, humans are not the only animals that prefer to stay inside during colder temperatures, as many rodents and insects make their way into our homes and businesses. If pests hibernating inside your warm and toasty home during the chilly winter months sounds idyllic, keep in mind you’re not the only creature craving cozy comfort. Bugs, rodents, and other assorted vermin are keen on seeking shelter from wintry weather as well.

Why work with an expert?

Working with an expert in pest control in Toronto is the smartest way to ensure you’re sharing your home with welcomed loved ones, and not uninvited creepy crawlies. Although setting up a prevention plan with an expert in residential pest control is always the right move, it’s never too late to call Vanquish Pest Control to the rescue when you spot one of these critters around the house.

In today’s post, Vanquish Pest Control will be looking at pests that home and business owners should be on the lookout for this winter during 2023-24. If you suspect any of these pests on your property, contact us today and we will give you the professional pest control help you need.


1. Fast-Breeding Cockroaches

Cockroach Extermination by Vanquish

While you might associate cockroaches with warm, tropical climates, they’re found in every corner of the globe. Although there are fewer species in Canada than elsewhere, they still represent a considerable problem, primarily because the frosty winter months drive them indoors.

The most common roaches found in Ontario are:

  • German Cockroach
  • Brown-Banded Cockroach
  • Oriental Cockroach
  • Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

In search of food and protection from the elements, roaches carry harmful bacteria, and several species trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Cockroaches are notorious for breeding rapidly, so it’s important to contact Vanquish Pest Control for Cockroach Extermination in Toronto, the second you notice any of these critters in your home. For every roach you see, there may be dozens more lurking in your cupboards and walls.

2. Bothersome Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Extermination Toronto

Bed bugs are commonly known indoor pest that infests many apartment and condo buildings across Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA), including the cities like Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga & Brampton.

Unlike cockroaches, which typically grow to several centimeters in length, bed bugs are only a few millimeters long. This makes them more difficult to see, but they cause just as much trouble as their larger insect relatives. Often you won’t notice their presence until they’ve started biting.

If you’ve ever been bitten by bed bugs, you know the itchy, red marks they leave behind cause major discomfort. If you suspect you’ve got a bed bug infestation on your hands, call Vanquish Pest Control for Bed Bugs Extermination, as effectively eliminating these pests requires expert attention.

3. Sneaky House Mice

Rats and Mice Control Brampton

Although you may be comfortable having pet mice in your home, don’t assume that all rodents in this family are created equal. Unlike pet breeds, house mice are unwelcome guests, spreading disease, carrying fleas and ticks, chewing on electrical wires, and pilfering food pantries.

Just like many bugs, house mice are fast breeders, especially considering they are mammals. A typical female house mouse will have over 6 babies every three weeks, leading up to 35 offspring per year. If you find house mice on your property, you must act quickly and contact a pest control company before their population is allowed to swell as well as do some major damage to your home and health.

Despite their large numbers and size, it can be difficult to catch house mice as they are nocturnal. You can detect whether they are on your property by looking for signs such as droppings, gnaw marks or the appearance of hidden burrows in your walls and floors. If there are many mice in your home, you may begin to smell their urine, which helps them to communicate with others.

In the frigid winter months, house mice search for any small crack or crevice that provides access to the inside of your home. Once they’ve invaded, they quickly multiply, making it crucial to set up a mice extermination plan with your trusted Vanquish Pest Control professionals.

4. Damaging Rats

Mice and Rats Extermination Toronto

Rats are another breed of vexing vermin you should watch out for in your home. Like house mice, rats cause trouble by getting into food supplies and contaminating your living spaces with diseases and harmful bacteria. They, too, are chewers, and they have the potential to cause serious structural damage to your house.

Rats’ sharp teeth are perfectly designed for gnawing through wood and plastic piping, and even bricks and some metals aren’t safe from their destruction. When these persistent, unhygienic critters show up in your home, get a Vanquish pest controller out for a visit to limit the possible damage.

Call Vanquish Pest Control for Winter Pest Extermination

Boxelder Bugs Extermination

Now that you know about some of the pesky, invasive critters to watch out for this winter, it’s time to protect yourself by calling in the professionals at Vanquish Pest Control. We’ll schedule a convenient time to inspect your entire property for current and potential infestations, and then set up an extermination plan suited to your specific needs.

With a recognized name and years-long commitment to pest control and extermination in both homes and businesses, our reputation at Vanquish Pest Control speaks for itself. Give our professional, experience and licensed team a call today and enjoy a warm, comfortable, pest-free winter in your home.