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Winter Bed Bugs Extermination: Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Winter Bed Bugs Extermination

Winter Bed Bugs ExterminationBed bugs are pesky little critters that are both disgusting to see and dangerous to have in your home. A bed bug infestation can grow significantly if left untreated. Professional winter bed bugs extermination services are crucial if you spot any symptoms of bed bugs or if they critters themselves in your bedroom. Because they are so tiny and often difficult to notice, many homeowners believe that all it takes to get rid of them is to simply expose them to cold temperatures for a short while. This is not true, as bed bugs can survive winter. Keep reading to learn more.

Bed Bugs Extermination: How Is It That Bed Bugs Can Survive Winter?

Bed Bugs in Winter

While it is true that winter temperatures do present a challenge for bed bug activity, you should know that they are more than able to survive this time of year. They can accomplish this so long as they have a blood meal. All of bed bugs’ feeding activities typically take place indoors and in heated areas. That is why they have no problem reproducing even in winter and causing a bigger infestation problem.

The critters that bug you are what we vanquish with our cutting-edge and reliable solutions. We provide professional pest control services in Brampton and throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

We specialize in extermination of bed bugs, cockroaches, mice/ rats and other crawling insects. All services backed by 6 months guarantee.

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To ensure that your surroundings – Be they Home or Business – Remain Healthy and Safe.

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Bed Bugs Infestation Brampton

Bed Bugs Infestation Brampton

A bed bug’s name implies that they are often found in and around beds. Many people would think to check their mattress if they suspect that this pest might be infesting their home. Nevertheless, these minuscule travellers can often be found hiding in unexpected places that one would never think to look for. This phenomenon is especially true during the summer travel season when these unwanted house guests are easily transported from one destination to another.

The following are some unusual places for bedbugs to hide:


As bed bugs often hide in seams and pockets of purses, they are an unexpected shopping companion for those who love to shop. There is a perfect opportunity for bed bugs to make an appearance when bags are left lying on the ground or close to furniture. If that doesn’t work, make sure that you contact a professional bed bugs extermination company in Brampton who can eliminate the bed bug infestation from your home.

Toys And Stuffed Animals

There is nothing better than taking along your favourite fluffy friend on an outing with you. Consequently, they are likely to come into contact with bed bugs, which may find their fur to be the perfect home for them. Putting stuffed animals in the washing machine and drying them on a hot cycle can help get rid of any bed bugs.

In Fluorescent Light Bulbs

This one is a head-scratcher, to say the least. Everybody knows that bed bugs are like vampires. They love to live in the dark. But the truth is that you can also find them inside fluorescent light bulbs around the house. During the winter months, bed bugs love to hide in electrical areas, which gives them plenty of room to hide. Therefore, it is advised that you practice caution when inspecting for bed bugs around electrical outlets. When you call a bed bug removal company, they’ll check every nook and cranny, including the electrical outlets.

School Buses And Vans

While students make their way to and from school, they can encounter some unwelcome classmates. Some school buses have upholstered seats that can easily carry the bed bugs until they jump into a student’s backpack or clothes. If your children take the bus to school, make sure that you vacuum the backpacks regularly and wash and dry them on hot cycles. This way, you can ensure that even if a bed bug is present, it will be eliminated.


Bed bugs can take to the skies. In airplanes, you will find bed bugs burrowing in the seats, the carpet, as well as in the vents. To avoid this, travellers need to take precautions, such as vacuuming out their luggage after a trip.

Cupboards/Door Hinges

Your cupboards are a great place for bed bugs to hide because you keep your clothes and accessories in those cupboards, which have a lot of spaces for them to get into. Many people fail to clean their door hinges regularly, which poses a risk for bed bugs to nest there.

What To Do About A Bed Bug Infestation In Brampton?

Bed Bugs Removal Brampton

  • You should wash your bedroom’s sheets and clothes in hot water. To effectively kill bed bugs, you need to clean all the clothes, blankets, and pillow covers in your house. This method can effectively kill bed bugs as long as the materials can withstand the heat.
  • Make sure that mothballs are placed throughout your home. You can put them in the cupboards, dressers, under the bed and other furniture.
  • If you are changing a light bulb, you should check the electrical sockets and inspect the surrounding space.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner to clean the house thoroughly.
  • Call a professional pest control company in Brampton.

Bed bugs are not only present in the usual spots; they are also present in places we’ve never thought of. This makes it difficult to eliminate them. Even after you’ve washed your clothes and bedsheets in hot water, they’ll still resurface again and again. For optimum results, call a pest control company in Brampton to get rid of the bed bugs for good.

Our Brampton Pest Control Services Cover All the Bases

Winter Bed Bugs Extermination

When you need a professional exterminator and pest control services expert in the Brampton area, you want to make sure that you are using a service staffed by seasoned professionals that have experience as well as tools, equipment, and techniques that will completely and immediately solve all your pest problems in Brampton.

Here at Vanquish Pest Control Brampton, we are the best rated Pest Control Company in Brampton for both residential and commercial pest control. We supply free estimates because we are confident that we will offer all our clients a better price than any other reputable pest exterminator in Brampton and throughout the GTHA for 100% guaranteed pest control services.

Affordable Bed Bugs Extermination

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to completely eradicate using “Do It Yourself” (DIY) techniques.

Most people may be able to eradicate a large portion of bed bugs in their commercial or residential property, however in most situations bed bugs will return sooner or later. If 100% of the bed bugs, as well as their eggs have not been exterminated, they will return in 99% of cases and possibly spread to other areas of your premises. Making future eradication more difficult.

It is always a good idea to hire a professional bed bug exterminator in Toronto to completely eradicate all bed bugs from your commercial or residential property in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The three things you can expect from us are high-quality service, affordable prices, and guaranteed results.

Aprehend® Bed Bugs Treatment

Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

Aprehend® is a professional grade product available to licensed pest control operators. It is a natural biopesticides for elimination and prevention of bed bugs.

Aprehend® is sprayed strategically in narrow bands where bed bugs are known to walk. Direct spray contact is not necessary. Bed bugs of all life stages, sex, or feeding status are killed within four to ten days following short-term contact with a treated surface.

The fungal spores germinate within 20 hours of contact and then penetrate the cuticle of the bed bug and colonize inside, resulting in death.

Aprehend® doesn’t kill immediately. This is intentional and strategic. We want every bed bug to come into contact with the fungal spores first. Only then does the population become infected and die.

The spray residue remains effective for up to three months.

What makes Aprehend® Bed Bugs Spray different?

Vanquish Pest Control Brampton

  • Bed bugs become carriers transferring Aprehend® to other bedbugs they contact
  • Avoid repeat visits saving time and labor
  • 3-month residual effect allows proactive treatment

What Makes Vanquish Pest Control the # 1 Bed Bugs Removal in Brampton?

At Vanquish Pest Control, our local bed bugs removal experts can give you a quick solution that can make your property pest-free after just one treatment. The ultimate goal of our pest control services is to provide you with optimum results. Our Aprehend® Bed Bug Treatment services are tailored to fit your specific needs; we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We will develop an effective strategy to get lasting relief by completely exterminating bedbugs from your home or business.

  • We conduct a deep analysis of your property to identify a bed-bugs infestation
  • Our trained team is capable of entertaining you with same-day treatment for bedbugs
  • We are committed to offering affordable bed bugs removal services
  • We provide bed bugs extermination services with six months guarantee

Benefits of Working with Vanquish Pest Control for Bedbugs Extermination in Brampton

Specialized Teams

Every technician of Vanquish Pest Control is well trained and has the potential to deal with bedbugs that are active in your property proactively. Our professional team follows practical approaches and safe products to make your property pest-free in record time. All you need to do is to connect with our team of experts to remove bedbugs and different types of pests from your property like never before. Our professionals keep a close eye on every part of your property to identify, exterminate and prevent bedbug’s infestation for decades.

Advanced Tools

We don’t believe in human power only; instead, we invest in new technologies to exterminate bedbugs from every corner of your home and business in Brampton & throughout Southern Ontario. With the advent of tech tools, it has become safe and quick to treat bedbugs hiding inside of wall cracks and crevices. If you want to get rid of bedbugs, you must immediately connect with the Vanquish Pest Control team of professionals. We will successfully kill bedbugs from your home, office, restaurant, shop, or any space in Brampton by utilizing cutting-edge tools. Simply connect with our team of professionals to leverage advanced technologies for long-lasting pest removal services in Brampton.

Reliable Service

If you give up on your DIY methods and want to acquire reliable pest control team assistance in Brampton, you will never go wrong with Vanquish Pest Control. Our professionals are focused on providing the best bedbug removal services to homeowners in Brampton. Our reliable pest control service has helped us become the top-ranking pest control company in Brampton and beyond. We have been helping homeowners and business owners in Brampton for many years.

Same Day Service

Our certified technicians are well-trained and equipped to offer same-day services to exterminate bedbugs from every property corner. We take every step to eliminate the pest as soon as possible for the inner peace of clients. If you are hunting for a professional service provider that offers same-day extermination services, you should prefer us. We are ready to entertain you with speedy bed bug treatments services on an urgent basis. From identification to treatment and prevention, our professionals are capable of exterminating bedbugs permanently on record time.

6-Month Guarantee

Vanquish Pest Control prime goal is to offer complete peace of mind to residents and businesses of Brampton with safe and effective pest control services. For your maximum satisfaction, we provide a long-term guarantee to get what you paid for. Our professionals are always ready to serve you with effective and quick extermination service to keep bedbugs far from your family, friends, and pets.

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